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If you are thinking about adding a Great Dane to your home and family it can often be more rewarding to rescue one. There are many reasons why Great Danes are put up for adoption and/or rescue. Many times buyers are unaware of the additional costs and responsibilities that come with owning such a large breed. This misunderstanding can often lead to a Dane needing a new loving home. Many times young puppies are rescued from mills and or illegitimate breeders. Some are retrieved from abusive homes and owners, or from those who do not have the time and space to house these beautiful giants. The reasons are diverse and always vary. Many times people can and are turned off of Great Dane rescue because of the assumption that most, if not all, rescue animals have behavioral problems. While rescue animals do come with challenges not all those challenges are behavioral. It is true that some Great Dane rescue cases may have temperament issues but always remember that no dog is beyond help and often the need for rescue has nothing to do with behavior.

Great Dane rescue can be one of the most rewarding things you do. Often Great Dane rescue cases are in desperate need of one thing, love. The Great Dane has an enormous bond with their families. Many sources state that the Great Dane will defend their family’s to the death and many times when in need of a new loving home the only thing a rescue case needs to rehabilitate is love and a new family to form a bond with. It is important for all potential owners to bear in mind that there are thousands of unwanted and homeless dogs in our very own neighborhoods. This should be reason enough to look into and consider Great Dane rescue. If you are looking to get a pup, remember, not all Great Dane rescue cases are mature adults there are lots of Great Dane pups that are in need of rescue as well.

The cost of buying a Great Dane pup from a commercial breeder can often range from $1000 to $2000 plus dollars. It goes without saying that Great Dane rescue is much more cost efficient then buying a pup. Most often rescue centers operate as none profit organizations that only desire one thing, finding Great Dane rescue cases a new loving home. There are many centers that will work with their Danes to help rehabilitate them before they are homed out, helping to ease some of the potential challenges that come with adoption. There are plenty of organizations to choose from all of which have different criteria that must be met before they will be willing to home out a Great Dane rescue to you. Some may find this process unnecessary, however, it is so important for the Dane to make sure their new home is the right home. I urge you to look past this red tape process to the checkered flag finish line. If you meet the right profile you can end up with not only an amazing animal but also, the best most loyal friend you could ever ask for.LIKE me on Facebook

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The Great Dane. You hear the word, you think big dog but never does it seem that you are quite prepared as you think you are when you actually see one.  I have had the front row seat for quite a few surprising encounters in the last year and they always leave me with a definite story to tell in one form or another.  It is almost to the point that the normal every day encounters you imagine are becoming the oddity.  Charlie is a very happy go lucky Great Dane and only once do I ever recall him showing any aggressive behavior which was around my cat Tai at feeding time and Tai thinking he could just reach in for a bite, was instead on the receiving end of a large mouth still partially full of dog food pinning him to the table.  Moments later both animals playing, Tai from the counter top where he is pretty much eye to eye with Charlie.  My gentle giant and Great Dane Pup

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Rescue Your Newest Family Member

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This article was published on 2011/05/20